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Macrocycles with (Almost) 
Unlimited Possibilities

Calixarenes are cyclic oligomers made up of phenolic units with four, six, or eight phenol units that are joined by methylene bridges. The beakerlike shape of the most stable conformation of the tetramer has led to them being given the name “calixarenes” (calix = chalice). Resorcinol can undergo condensation in a similar manner with a variety of aldehydes to afford cyclic tetramers with the same basic structure (the resorcinarenes). Non modified calixarenes can be modified by chemical reactions and function as “molecular platforms” to which an almost endless range of functional groups can be fixed.

Highly versatile in its applications

Calixarenes have been subject to extensive research in development of many extracts, transporters, stationary phases, electrode ionophores and optical and electrochemical sensors. separation of neutral organic molecules, stabilizers for organic polymers, pollution control selective complexation of neutral cations, phase transfer agents, accelerators for instant adhesives, ion scavengers for electronic devices, Langmuir-Blodgett film and membranes, catalytic properties.
A long list of applications includes:

  • Negative resists for high resolution lithography
  • Recovery of Lanthanides, Caesium, Uranium in nuclear industry
  • Lanthanide sequestration
  • Stabilizer for organic polymers
  • Separation of neutral organic molecules
  • Pollution control
  • Selective complexation of metal cations
  • Phase transfer agents
  • Accelerators for instant adhesives
  • Ion scavengers for electronic devices
  • Langmuir-Blodgett films and membranes
  • Chemistry catalysts


Our Calixarenes and Resorcinarenes products


CAS: 129518-51-0
Eburon: 101.370

4-tert.-Butylcalix(4)arene-tetraacetic acid tetraethyl ester

CAS: 97600-39-0
Eburon: 102.290

Cat. NumberCASName

Ask for different ring size and modifications
and functionalization required

We produce custom calixarene and resorcinarene variants to order from lab-scale through pilot-scale and commercial production, backed by a 25 years of global supply-chain, warehousing, QA/QC, certification expertise. We also offer flow chemistry, biocatalysis and electrochemistry technology.

We offer process development services and can work with your technology, integrating our expertise in fine chemicals production and down-stream processing.

Our customer base ranges from small, specialist businesses to some of the world’s largest companies. We have successfully forged long-term partnerships with organizations of all sizes.


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