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From kilo to multi-ton scale

Supplying pharma intermediates, chemical building blocks, and many specialty applications.
Excelling in organometallic and complex organic chemistry as well as optically pure compounds through our own technology and process development capabilities.

Why choose us?

650 speciality chemicals

  • In-house developed technology for >650 specialty chemicals
  • Vast knowledge of Calixarene chemistry and complex heterocyclic molecules
  • From kg to multi-ton production at Eburon Organics (Vapi) and Eburon Lifesciences (Sarigam)

Technology center

  • Over 2 decades of expertise in optimizing synthetic routes
  • Unique technologies including flow chemistry, electrochemistry, biocatalysis
  • Timely response on new developments
  • Highly trained and experienced organic chemists on staff

Reliability & quality assurance

  • Quality control of all incoming and outgoing goods
  • Either our internal or the customer’s method of analysis
  • 2 fully equipped QC lab: GC, HPLC, TLC, Titr., KF, APHA, NTU, etc.
  • Both plants are ISO9001/14001:2015 certified

Confidential partnerships

  • Custom R&D/synthesis
  • Process optimization
  • Analytical development
  • Quality tailoring to specific customer requirements

Interested? Call +32 15 250661 or mail