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What is Selenium?

Selenium, a non-metallic element, has structural and enzymatic roles. Selenium influences a number of endocrine processes. Selenium supplementation has recently shown some of the important pharmacological intervention, especially in cancer chemoprevention.

During the last few years, a tremendous effort has been directed toward the synthesis of stable organo-selenium compounds. The biochemistry and pharmacology of selenium-based compounds are subjects of intense current interest,especially from the point of view of public health. Many organo-selenium compounds play important roles in biochemical processes and are used in a variety of conditions ranging as antioxidants, anticancer and antiviral agents. The unique redox properties of selenium influence the catalytic activities of organo-selenium compounds. The various organo-selenium compounds synthesized and marketed by Eburon organics are as tabulated in chart and tables

Our selenium derivatives

CASProductEburon ref.
3425-46-5Potassium selenocyanate100.450
34837-55-3Phenylselenyl bromide101.390