Our Business

A Producer of Fine Chemicals for Research and Industry

Eburon Organics is engaged in the design, development and production of fine chemicals for pharmaceutical, photographic, electronic industries and many more fields.
With an extensive background in manufacturing from lab' through pilot plant scale, it is our goal to support our customers' product growth requirements by offering flexibility, in relation to our service and manufacturing capability.

Your manufacturing and supply chain partner

In order to provide continuity of supply, we invest in larger scale production facilities or effect smooth transfer of manufacturing process.

Sourcing and developing innovation

In keeping abreast of new product research and developments from academia & industry, we identify innovative new molecules / chemical entities and make them commercially available to our customers.

Your partner for new molecules & products

Through in house technology, comprehensive in-houwe databases and through close collaboration with reliable partners in the academic world, Eburon Organics is able to react quickly to evaluate your requiremen for molecules not commercially available yet.


We are producing over 400 specialty chemicals, either in the plant of our sister company Eburon Organics India where we have 17 chemists with a selected number of Chinese partners under exclusive arrangements


  • >3500 different synthetic routes assessed
  • Extensive databases on organic synthesis
  • 17 organic chemists on staff and network of collaborating academic institutions


  • Quality control of all incoming goods
  • Either our or the customer’s methods
  • Fully equiped lab: GC, HPLC, TLC, Titr., KF, APHA, NTU, etc.
  • All shipped goods are accompanied with our certificate of analysis


  • Either through our sister company Eburon Organics or through our network of partners we are able to provide:
  • Custom development
  • Contract manufacturing
  • Full confidentiallity in case of technology trnasfer
  • Regular status reporting to the customer